Have you ever wondered how to be a volunteer member of the PAGES – Operation HOPE team?

Who can you contact in order to be part of the mission team that conducts yearly mission to the Philippines to provide free surgical and medical services to the underprivileged children, mostly from the poor-est of the poor regions who cannot afford the medical services they so richly deserve due to poverty and social standings.

It’s relatively quite simple and easy. To get into the PAGES – Operation HOPE group a recommendation by current and active team members is first and foremost. The recommendation must be submitted to Pages with their curriculum vitae and license to the PAGES mission coordinator; i.e. Surgeons to Surgery Department, Pediatricians to Pediatric Department, Anesthesiologists to the Anesthesia Department and Nurses to the Nursing Department. Upon completion of the documents review and finding no derogatory in-formation, the applicant will be notified and a letter of acceptance will personally be sent to the applicant with an invite proposal to join the next scheduled mission to the Philippines.

As a minimum, All PAGES mission team members are responsible for their own transportation whether by sea, air or land in getting to the mission site hospital. Historically, accommodations and meals are provided by PAGES or mission sponsors throughout the duration of mission days.

It is indeed a happy and an unforgettable feeling of accomplishments to help other people in need reminding us how we are so blessed to have all that we need and surely it is a great feeling to share the abundant blessings we possess while so many others don’t have.

For 26 years, the PAGES – Operation HOPE mission group provided approximately 6000 free surgeries to indigent children all over the Philip-pines. Let’s put all our talents and resources together in changing the lives of many less fortunate children ONE FACE AT A TIME. Let us all give to the world the best we have and the best will surely come back to us a thousand folds.